The future of organizational transformation

Today’s organizations are constantly transforming. How do you engage thousands of employees all around the world through inspiring dialogue on your shared direction?

LOGE is a digital platform for discussion and collective learning used to involve and commit employees in change, in a way that is totally different from their day-to-day work. The platform facilitates, documents and analyses discussions automatically. In the discussions change – be it big or small – is broken down into everyday situations and ready-made questions, giving employees room to interpret what change means to them as individuals and for the organization as a community.

Tap in to your organization’s true potential and see what you can achieve when everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Benefits and impact of LOGE

Using LOGE as a part of change management has great benefits and large impact on individuals, decision-makers and the corporate community.

LOGE is an easy yet different way for you to discuss change with your colleagues and together learn what it means for you in your day-to-day work. LOGE discussions leave you feeling inspired and energized.

LOGE is a cost effective way to engage employees with a realistic and real-time progress overview. LOGE’s dashboard enables smarter data-driven decisions and resource allocation.

LOGE creates a sense of transparency and community and makes change a part of day-to-day work. Tap in to your organization’s true potential by getting everyone pulling in the same direction.

What makes LOGE different

When developing new ways of working, organizations typically spend a lot of time on informing employees and on face-to-face events. LOGE enables organizations to invest their time and resources where it matters the most.


Example of use cases




Strategy Definition and Implementation

Outotec: License to Lead Sales

The sales development program was implemented for key people in the company’s sales organization. “LOGE has been a very useful tool in opening up some great discussions. It really strengthens the implementation of what we are trying to accomplish" says Salomaa.
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A fast and agile way to test the solution with a smaller group within your organization


Monthly license

Use LOGE either as a part of a change program or on its own, includes customer service and regular technical updates



We provide both services to help create tailored content and ready-to-use content packages


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