Finance Finland: Values anchored in everyone’s daily work

Finance Finland called on its personnel to jointly discuss what the association’s values mean for everyone in their day-to-day work. The virtual discussion platform LOGE was chosen as a channel for discussion.

When Finance Finland, the voice of the Finnish financial sector, called on its personnel to discuss their new corporate values, they chose LOGE as their tool.

Finance Finland had previously undergone profound development, during which a set of key values were created by the entire personnel. Now the objective was to assess what these jointly selected values would mean in practice in everyone’s own daily work.

“As our values were jointly selected in collaboration with the entire personnel, it was also natural to anchor them collectively as a part of our organisation’s daily work. A game approach is multi-dimensional and simple enough to involve everyone in the discussion”, says Managing Director Piia-Noora Kauppi.

Kauppi was particularly happy with the fact that the online discussions were so efficient and gave everyone the opportunity to participate, regardless of if they were working remotely or on a business trip..

“We were already interested in Talent Vectia’s gamified  solution in the initial phase when it was still a conventional board game. So we wanted to test LOGE, the digital version in the next steps of our value process.”, says Administrative and Development Director Taina Ahvenjärvi.

Gamification inspires people to discuss

A central idea with LOGE is that the teams are selected by personnel at random. As the teams are comprised in different way than normally, participants are exposed to unforeseen encounters and new view points.

Director Ahvenjärvi says she was initially slightly apprehensive, and feared dealing with major issues using a digital platform and thought this would yield criticism due to the solution’s “childish nature”.

“But there were no such comments. Gaming inspired people to lively discuss new standpoints.”

However, you must create good questions as the basis for inspiring discussions. Consequently, she emphasises that all questions must be formulated with utmost care.

“Any multiple choice questions, in particular, must be provided with plausible alternatives, which people are required to genuinely weigh and consider. Talent Vectia helped us greatly with  that .”

At times, the game even  generated excellent discussion on whether the predetermined correct answers really were the best ones.

A digital environment is a good place to come together

In addition to translating their values into practice, Finance Finland conducted a game session focusing on lobbying activities. The idea was to test how the  personnel  would apply the rules of  lobbying to their own work.

During the game, players had to face genuine real-life situations, such as meeting political decision-makers or representatives of the media. The majority of the personnel participated in two game sessions which took a total of two hours. Everyone had the opportunity to choose the time that suited them best from available pre-defined session times.

“It was an incredibly effective method, compared to for example organizing a joint event””, says Taina Ahvenjärvi.

The 60-minute game sessions work best when the discussed theme has a clear focus. The number of questions must be limited to give people enough time to respond and discuss the answers with their colleagues.

Discussion is the key element in the process and the game does not progress until each participant has taken a stand and justified his or her own view.

“The chairmanship circulates during the game, so everybody really participates . This means that a classic set-up is avoided, where only a few are voicing opinions and the rest just concur”, states director Ahvenjärvi.

The intention was to involve everyone in the e-game, except only those who had formulated the questions. The participation percentage was higher than 75%.

A game is a good mirror, it never lies

Almost unnoticed, the game becomes an honest mirror as the organisation discusses its own activities. Finance Finland also requested its personnel to estimate how well the association’s various values were implemented in people’s daily work. The responses indicated that a “trailblazer role” was implemented more weakly than any of the other values, in the personnel’s opinion.

Our personnel clearly regarded trailblazing as a positive value but we must jointly make efforts to implement this more effectively in our routines”, says Taina Ahvenjärvi.

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