Rainmaker: From strategy to concrete actions

Our new strategy was translated into concrete actions when the whole work force discussed the organizations daily decisions and choices through LOGE says Rainmaker’s CEO Markus Pyrhönen.

Sales, HR and finance outsourcing provider Rainmaker developed a new strategy last autumn. A new focus in their strategy was utilizing robotics. The company also decided to emphasize the use of gamification.

In the spirit of the new strategy, the company decided to use these elements in practice when implementing the new strategy. So Rainmaker took into use LOGE, a virtual platform for group discussions, to engage the whole staff in group discussions on what the new strategy would mean for them in their day-to-day work.

LOGE is a SaaS-tool that facilitates virtual discussions in smaller group about any organizational development topic. The groups are put together randomly when people join the discussion that suits them best.

Groups can consist of employees in very different roles within the organization, regardless of their position or title. LOGE automatically chooses a chairman at random for each question which means participant titles do not affect this either. The role of chairman rotates between participants for each question.

The groups are presented with both multiple choice and open questions. LOGE analyses and summarizes the answers using built-in analytics.

New working practices and learning

The CEO of Rainmaker, Markus Pyrhönen, says that using LOGE has created many tangible results.

“Several of our processes became more logical, we cut out unnecessary meetings and we strengthened our culture of dialog.”

Based on the ideas from employees we for example removed many internal communication barriers. The company’s Helsinki-office started piloting Wednesday Market Square meetings, where employees can gather and discuss any work-related topics and questions. The Wednesday Market Square meetings underlines that communication is every employees business.

Pyrhönen underlines that group discussions not only generates ideas but also creates true learning.

“When employees in groups of eight contemplate what makes sense and what doesn’t, they learn in a completely different way than if they where say attending a seminar.”

Change is brought to an individual level as each discussion concludes with participants individually writing down what actions they can take to further progress.

Effective teamwork

Using LOGE is easy and fast, says Pyrhönen. The first and most important stage of the process is creating the content and questions discussed as the wrong questions can lead to answers that are difficult to interpret.

“A consultant from Talent Vectia helped us create the questions that we then modified to reflect our Rainmaker language and how we speak within our organization.”

The virtual discussions enthusiastically took our employees by storm. The company organized LOGE discussions on two topics. Both themes had a participation rate of 71% of the whole organization.

“It was more than we expected. All in all we held 41 discussions within three months, but it only took two hours of each employees time.”

Two hours is very little compared to for example having the whole organization participate in a weekend  seminar cruise on the topic.

“LOGE doesn’t remove the importance of those types of events. The most important thing is that individual engagement is enabled and maintained through several channels” believes Pyrhönen.

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