For users

LOGE is designed to give users a fun and engaging way to interpret change through an intuitive and super easy-to-use user interface. Check out our simple step-by-step guide for how to set up your profile and join your first game session, as well as frequently asked questions.
  1. Open your Chrome browser (download Google Chrome here).
  2. Open the LOGE platform here with Google Chrome.
  3. Sign in using your Office 365 identification (i.e. your work account) OR using the activation link sent by LOGE.
  4. The system may ask for voice access. Give LOGE voice access.
  5. Set up your profile by answering the questions in the set-up phase.
  6. If you are on the main page, then you have successfully created your profile and signed in.

When you sign in to LOGE you will see the scheduled discussions on the left, under the Sign up sidetab. Join a discussion by clicking on the SIGN UP button. The button will then change to CANCEL, so if you want to cancel your attendance or change discussions, just press the same button again. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to a calendar reservation. You have now successfully signed up for a discussion and can close the page.

Log in to LOGE 10 minutes before your discussion starts and wait on the main page. Your discussion should start automatically. Refresh your browser to give it a kick-start if needed.

On the left, you can find LOGE-helper and a mic test. Test your mic and give voice access to the browser if a prompt appears asking for it.

Frequently asked questions

LOGE will give you the best results and return on your investment regardless of if you are implementing your organizations strategy or looking to create a new way of working. Employees can discuss, create a common interpretation, and set concrete actions.


If your organization has Office 365, a separate profile and login information is not required. If your organization does not have Office 365, then you will receive an activation message directly to your e-mail. You can create a password smoothly through the link in the email.

LOGE is continuously developed, and features updated on a regular basis. The newest version of LOGE is usually released every Tuesday and available to you right away. New features are based on received customer feedback and ideas. Users have an opportunity to influence how LOGE develops and what features are implemented. You can write feedback and share your ideas further down on this page.

All discussion data is collected and stored (Amazon server in Germany). Data is only visible for admin users, to keep individual development actions and comments private. Admin users can download data from all discussions held within your organization using several different filters such as functions, market area, session theme etc. We are currently developing LOGE’s analytical features to incorporate automatic text and voice analysis.


LOGE isn’t currently optimized for iOS and Android operating systems. LOGE works on computers and with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

We currently have three options available: 1. You can buy ready-to-use discussions on certain topics such as sales development and leadership, 2. you can buy content creation services from us if you would like tailored content, or 3. you can have one or more admin users within your organization that create the discussions content (we can provide training for admins). The choice is yours.

Currently LOGE is available in English, Finnish, Swedish and Russian. Content however, can be created in any language. LOGE also accommodates sessions in various languages if you want to provide discussions in say both Finnish and Swedish.


Ask or comment

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