LOGE is shaping the way organizations transform

LOGE enables organizations to develop their way of working and company culture to support the realization of their strategy in an engaging, inspiring and cost-effective way. LOGE brings learning into peoples’ daily work and facilitates regular discussions among employees. This increases the collective understanding of the organization's shared direction and objectives, as well as related upcoming changes.

Using LOGE also means each employee plays a part in defining their own role and responsibilities. LOGE utilizes various gamification methods to make the user experience more inspiring, give participants a feeling and visualization of progress, and collect valuable real-time data on the actual change progress. The innovativeness of LOGE as a method is enhanced by the intuitiveness of the user interface.

Engagement through excitement

The discussions in LOGE are live audio-visual discussions not just chatting via text messages and they are conducted virtually without interfering significantly with employees’ daily routines. Prior to the actual group discussions LOGE can be utilized for learning about the upcoming discussion topic. Pre-reading material such as videos, articles and other types of documents can be uploaded to LOGE, which gives participants time to familiarize themselves with the topic.

For large organizations, including and engaging people on a broader scale can be very challenging since employees usually are located in different locations, in some cases all around the world. If an organization wants to provide opportunities for face-to-face discussions, the cost for logistics alone is significant, not to mention for the time spent away from daily work activities. Naturally, face-to-face discussions cannot be fully replaced with virtual methods, but they can complement one another when used in combination.

A flexible method and re­alistic overview

It is imperative to create organization-wide dialogue within diverse mixed groups. People find LOGE’s cross-silo discussions exceptionally valuable and re­warding when the other parties are for instance colleagues with other roles and backgrounds based in other countries or continents. There are other virtual meeting tools, however they do not solve these challeng­es completely, since they require both manual facilitation and documentation by one of the participants.

With the help of the data collected in LOGE, the organization gets a comprehensive overview of the change progress and can identify different needs of various employee groups and allocate resources accordingly.

Our clients currently use LOGE in three dif­ferent ways:

  1. As a self-service solution, utilizing existing ready-to-use content in LOGE, on for example sales devel­opment, lean culture, and modern leadership.
  2. As a customized keys-in-hand solution, using our services to create content for their specific situation and needs.
  3. As an independent yet customized solution, by appointing internal LOGE champions in which case new content and discussions can be created and edited without limitations.

Future organizations will use dialog and collaborative methods, such as LOGE, more and more. LOGE enables natural and agile forms of cross-organizational collaboration, which is a key requirement for agile organizations.


Tuomo Tiilikainen

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